Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group has taken a major cultural and motivational step towards optimization and enhancement of the spirit of teamwork and collaboration and has initiated playing an effective role in creating a sporting atmosphere in the complex, by the direct command of the distinguished chairman of the group, Dr. Mohammad Vatandoost, the football teams of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group companies began their activities.


Based on the drawings made in the first phase, the following teams competed on 12th and 13th of March, 2019: Nava Behdasht and PISC; Pariz Saham and Polymer; MZP and Nylon Mesvak; Abzian Mahtab and Morvareed Bushehr


The Results of the First Phase of the football matches of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group of companies:

  • Nava Behdasht and PISC 1-1: PISC win 6-5 on penalty, 7-6 on scoreboard.
  • Polymer and Pariz Saham 1-1: Polymer win 3-2 on penalty, 4-3 on scoreboard.
  • MZP and Nylon Mesvak 0-4: Nylon Mesvak beat MZP.
  • Abzian Mahtab and Morvareed Bushehr 0-1: Morvareed Bushehr beat Abzian Mahtab.


  • Semi Final

Bushehr Polymer – PISC

  • Semi Final

Morvareed Bushehr – Nylon Mesvak


Match Highlight Video Clips:

  • Abzian Mahtab – Morvareed Bushehr
  • Nylon Mesvak – MZP
  • Polymer Bushshehr – Pariz Saham
  • Nava Behdasht – PISC
  • Opening of the first round of football championship matches of Polymer Industrial Group companies


Photographs by: Seyyed Fatemi & Ramin Khavarzadeh

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