The Entrepreneurship Conference, “From Workshop to Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group” at University of Qom

Regarding the Global Entrepreneurship Week, The Entrepreneurship Conference, “From workshop to Polymer Industrial Group” was held at University of Qom


Nava Behdasht Company conducted the conference, “From workshop to Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group” at University of Qom on November 18th, 2019. Abdolzahra Watandoost, the Founder and Dr. Mohammad Vatandoost, the CEO of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group attended the conference. Considering the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the conference aimed to appreciate Iran’s top entrepreneur, Abdolzahra Watandoost, unveil his Entrepreneurial Biography, “At the Peaks of Authority”, as well as enhance the industry-university joint efforts.

The Scientific Association of Industrial Management at University of Qom and Nava Behdasht Company, one of the companies in the Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group had organized the conference.

Ayatollah Dr. Seyyed Hashem Bathai Golpayegani, Representative of Tehran People in the Assembly of Experts, Mr. Kaviani, Director General of Qom Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare, Dr. Dirbaz, Chancellor of Qom University, Dr. Akhlaghi, Deputy of Student and Cultural Assistance in Shahab Danesh University attended the conference and lectured on entrepreneurship concepts.

At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Najafi, Manager of Nava Behdasht Factory, greeted the professors, students and senior executives of the organization. He addressed the theme of Global Entrepreneurship Week and regarded the presence of Abdolzahra Watandoost, the Founder of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group, holder of the badge of national production and Iran’s top entrepreneur, as an honor for guests and attendees at the conference.


Dr. Mohammad Vatandoost, CEO of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group, appreciated his father and he confessed, “If I have ever been successful in my life and career, it has possibly happened because of the guidance of my father, he is my professor encouraging me all over my life, and I am trying to do my best, so I could be able to compensate for a part of his wholehearted efforts through developing and advancing Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group”.

The CEO of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group claimed, “The word entrepreneurship is a universal concept, therefore it cannot be defined in only one sentence. However, the main concept of entrepreneurship is to partner with God. Believing in this mindset, we are going to make an economic move and plan to serve people”.

During the conference, “At the Peaks of Authority”, the entrepreneurial biography of Abdolzahra Watandoost was unveiled and 200 volumes were donated to the attendees.


The ceremony was followed by the students’ question and answer session in the presence of Dr. Mohammad Vatandoost, CEO of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group, Dr. Mousavi, Manager of Industrial and Commercial Management Department at University of Qom and Dr. Mohammad Hassan Najafi, Manager of Nava Behdasht Factory.

At the end of the conference, The Chancellor of  Qom University appreciated Abdolzahra Watandoost for his compassionate endeavors and valuable services by awarding him an appreciation letter.


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