Girls today, mothers tomorrow


The launch of the “Aftab” festival in Panberes concurrent with the commemoration of Girl’s Day


The Women’s Panberes Cellulosic Products Festival, with lottery and donations, coincidental with the celebration of Girl’s Day, begins for one month.


Panberes Company, one of the companies in the group of companies in Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group in line with the selling of cellulosic and sanitary products for women, including a variety of thin, normal, night, day, medium and large pads in boxes and bags, as well as increasing customer satisfaction, has initiated a special sale festival called the “Aftab” from May 27 to July 22nd.


Consumers can earn points by purchasing each of these products from the branches, the representative offices and the chain stores, and sending the number inscribed on the product packages to the communication portals on the packages. Each point also has a chance of participation in the lottery.


The communication portal for sending the number inscribed on the packages of the products presented in the festival for participation in the lottery includes the following:


SMS: 300082153

Instagram  Direct : PANBERES_OFFICIAL



Special Awards for the “Aftab” Festival are a 206 automobile, 10 tablets and 4 Bahar Azadi Coins, which by drawing lots will be awarded to 15 buyers on the 23rd of July, 2019.

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