A one day seminar introducing modern shrimp breeding and feeding techniques was held in Bushehr this April by Havorrash Company, by the presence of Chief Executive Officer and the managers of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group, as well as other managers, researchers, fishery experts, veterinarians, Shrimp Research Institute experts and shrimp breeders.


According to the report, due to the unique capacities of shrimp breeding in Bushehr province and the characteristics of shrimp breeding in this province, Havorrash Company, one of the companies in Bushehr Polymer Industries Group, has been organizing an educational seminar on modern shrimp breeding and feeding techniques.


The purpose of this seminar has been to boost the technical knowledge of the beneficiaries and experts in the field of fishery and to train them in how to properly use the farming equipment to increase shrimp production quantitatively and qualitatively.


The optimal methods for shrimp reproduction and baby shrimp selection, the introduction of VDS Company and its activities, the production of food at Havorrash Company and its innovations, optimal methods in shrimp farming and safety in shrimp breeding, and the biofloc production method were among the issues raised in this seminar which were presented by speakers from France and Belgium, Mrs. Francoise Pironet and gentlemen, Stephen Siemens, Vaughter Guardian, Francois Busquet, and François Brenta.


The workshop was arranged by Mr. François Brenta and the Certificate of Participation in the Workshop was given to the participants signed by Dr. Mohammad Vatandoost, Chief Executive Officer of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group, Dr. Babak Ghaednia, head of the Shrimp Research Institute, and Dr. François Burnett.


It is worthy of note that at the end of the seminar, the Certificate of Participation in the Workshop and the Award Statue was donated to five top breeders of Shrimp and prizes were given to eleven attendants at the seminar on the draw.

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