Abdolzahra Watandoost the founder and spiritual father of the Industrial Group of Bushehr Polymer, was born on October, 1945 in Karbala. He traveled to England in 1965 to study aeronautical engineering in London University. Eventually he graduated with bachelor degree and pursued master degree in London University. Upon graduation he returned to Iraq in 1972.

After starting the imposed war and returning to ancestors’ home, Abdolzahra Watandoost started his business with trade in cosmetics products. Employment, production, and deprivation have always been the cornerstone of the long-term commitment and dedication of the founder of the Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group. After evaluating and feasibility studies, in 2004, he selected Bushehr as the starting point for realizing his creative and daring economic ideas during those years of warfare. The first industrial project that was exploited was the Alzahra flour factory in Khoshab, 50 km away Bushehr city.

The initial idea of ​​creating a powerful industrial group was formed in 1990, and the Bushehr province was selected for Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group. And this was just the beginning of the emergence of small industrial projects at the regional and national levels. The great collection that has been the result of planning, long-term look, and enduring effort for him and his companions in all these years.

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